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Pink is not just a Color, it’s an Attitude: Pretty in Pink with WomanLikeU

by Intern WLU 30 Oct 2023 0 Comments

A few years back, if anyone dares to say, “I LIKE PINK”, the reaction would be not as you expect it would be. Instead, you get all the judgy eyes and frowns on their faces. Liking the color would simply indicate your immaturity and excess femininity which is not considered attractive as you would think it is. But times changed, not everything stays the same right?

People get influenced by things they see; the trickle-down effect really has a great impact on the public’s opinion on everything. As popular as it is till now, the iconic “Barbie” movie has created a ripple effect not just on Indian girls, but on Indian boys as well. I guess everyone has seen how the theatres are filled with pink-clad people eager to watch the movie and reminiscent their childhood days.

But you know what, pink is not reserved to just little girls right? Indian women too have jumped on this caravan of PINK and express themselves as real women who embrace their femininity in their wardrobes. Pink is bold and soft at the same time; it is the perfect color for anyone who shares the same thoughts on it. From the Valentino Pink collection which started this flame of everything in pink, the other categories also go to the same trend from bikinis, monokinis and vacation outfits.

WomanLikeU is a vacation wear brand that is made for an adventurous woman who is not scared to be bold and trendy, now have launched the vacation must-have items in shades of pink from monokinis, bikinis, dresses, co-ords, coverups and sarongs that will make any Indian woman shine on her vacation outfits. Below are the latest Pretty in Pink pieces launched in WomanLikeU’s vacation collection, make sure you check them out.

WomanLikeU Pink Dresses

WomanLikeU Swimsuits: Bikinis and Monokinis

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