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First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

Finding the Perfect Beach Look: Best Swimwear Brand in India

by Manriewshai Marwein 29 Jan 2024 0 Comments

India, with its vast coastline along the east, south, and west, boasts numerous beaches across its states. However, the prevailing beachwear scene is often conservative, featuring fully covered swimsuits with full sleeves and bottoms. This is reflective of the cultural norms, with Indian women even enjoying the beach in traditional attire like sarees and kurtis.


For those daring enough to don a bikini or even just shorts on Indian beaches, it's crucial to choose the right location to avoid unnecessary attention. The conservative atmosphere on many local beaches contrasts with the emerging trend of pool parties, solo travel or bachelorette parties among financially independent Indian women. More women are venturing to tropical destinations like Bali, Maldives, or Thailand, inspired by social media and exposure to diverse cultures. This shift has led to an increasing preference for bikinis and monokinis, aligning their swimwear choices with the vibe of their travel destinations.


In popular coastal spots like Goa, Varkala, or Pondicherry, there's a growing demand for the perfect resort or poolside look. As the travel culture evolves, women are seeking for swimming costumes and bikinis that not only complements the destination but also aligns with their sense of style and comfort. The journey towards embracing diverse swimwear styles in India is an exciting one, where women are redefining beach or swimwear fashion and challenging traditional norms.


Navigating the Swimwear Maze in India: Why WomanLikeU Stands Out

In the vast sea of swimwear options available on popular platforms like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart, finding the perfect fit remains a significant challenge for many Indian women, primarily due to diverse body types. Choosing a swimming costume or a bikini from these platforms can often feel like a hit or miss. However, when it comes to ensuring the right fit and style for Indian customers, WomanLikeU emerges as the top swimwear and vacationwear brand in the country. Here's why:


Tailored Collection for Indian Body Types:

WomanLikeU boasts a carefully curated selection of trendy swimwear, specifically designed to complement various Indian body types. Whether it's a monokini or a bikini set, each piece is crafted to flatter an Indian body shape.


Extra-Coverage Bikini Sets:

Recognizing the concerns of those donning a bikini or a swimming costume for the first time, WomanLikeU offers a range of extra-coverage bikini sets. These sets come with sarongs, shrugs, and skirts, providing additional comfort and style. The swimwear collection also includes swimming costumes with high-coverage tops and shorts.


Personalized Customer Service:

Shopping for swimwear at WomanLikeU goes beyond mere transactions. Every customer embarking on a swimwear journey with WomanLikeU undergoes a complimentary consultation. This ensures that they find the style that best suits them according to their unique measurements.


Express Shipping Option:

Understanding the urgency that sometimes accompanies swimwear shopping, WomanLikeU provides an express shipping option. This ensures that customers receive their orders promptly.


Walk-in to Try & Buy:

For those located in Bangalore, WomanLikeU extends a warm invitation to visit the studio in Indiranagar. Customers can personally try and purchase the swimsuits they fancy, adding a tactile and personalized element to the shopping experience.


In the realm of swimwear in India, WomanLikeU distinguishes itself not only through its stylish and well-fitted offerings but also through a customer-centric approach that prioritizes individual preferences and comfort.


Visit our website to know more at and follow us on Instagram for daily updates: WomanLikeU (@womanlikeu.wlu) • Instagram photos and videos. Happy Shopping!

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