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Swimwear in India: Navigating Kolkata's Swimwear Scene with WomanLikeU

by Manriewshai Marwein 19 Jan 2024 0 Comments

In the heart of cultural vibrancy, Kolkata stands as a city that embraces tradition while subtly weaving in modern trends. When it comes to swimwear, the City of Joy offers a unique blend of sophistication and style. From the best hotels to don your favorite swimsuit to the lively pool party culture, this blog explores Kolkata's swimwear scene and why WomanLikeU shines as the go-to brand for swimwear and vacationwear.


Swimwear Culture in Kolkata:

Kolkata, a city known for its rich history and cultural fervor, may not have extensive beaches like some coastal counterparts, but its swimwear culture is thriving. The elegant women of Kolkata bring a touch of grace to the swimwear scene, opting for stylish swimsuits and chic beachwear.


Best Hotels and Resorts for Swimwear in Kolkata:

While Kolkata may not boast sandy shores, its luxurious hotels and resorts provide the perfect setting to showcase your swimwear. The pools of establishments like The Oberoi Grand and Taj Bengal offer a glamorous backdrop for a relaxing swim or a leisurely sunbathing session.


Beaches Nearby Kolkata:

For those yearning for the true beach experience, Kolkata provides easy access to destinations like Mandarmani and Digha. These coastal getaways, a few hours from the city, offer sandy shores and the chance to flaunt your favorite swimsuit. WomanLikeU's swimwear is designed for this exact purpose - to make you stand out on the shores of Mandarmani or any coastal retreat near Kolkata. Although these beaches are mostly the places where locals go and bikinis are very rarely seen in public beaches, but the private beaches like the Sana Beach Resort and many more are the places suitable for flaunting your best swimwear looks.


Pool Party Culture in Kolkata:

Kolkata's nightlife has evolved, and so has the culture of pool parties. From trendy rooftops to upscale clubs, pool parties have become a signature element of the city's social scene. Donning a fashionable swimsuit is not just an option; it's a style statement. WomanLikeU's swimwear collection ensures you're the epitome of elegance at these glamorous events.


WomanLikeU: Redefining Swimwear in Kolkata:

As the demand for stylish swimwear surges in Kolkata, WomanLikeU emerges as the frontrunner in offering versatile and fashionable options. Whether you're searching for a "swimwear store near me" or exploring online, WomanLikeU caters to every Kolkata woman's desire for a swimming costume that seamlessly blends comfort and style.


The WomanLikeU Difference:

What sets WomanLikeU apart is not just their diverse range of swimsuits and vacationwear but their commitment to inclusivity. From petite to plus-size options, WomanLikeU celebrates the beauty of every woman. Their collection, available for purchase both online and potentially at a "swimwear store near me," encompasses everything from one-piece swimsuits to bikinis, catering to Kolkata's diverse preferences.


In the bustling lanes of Kolkata, where tradition and modernity coexist, WomanLikeU adds a touch of glamour to the swimwear culture. As you explore the best hotels, resorts, and maybe even search for a "swimwear store near me," let WomanLikeU be your companion in making a splash in style. Kolkata's swimwear scene just got a whole lot more exciting!


Visit our website to know more at and follow us on Instagram for daily updates: WomanLikeU (@womanlikeu.wlu) • Instagram photos and videos. Happy Shopping!

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