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Cracking the Code: The 8 Rules of An Indian Woman’s everyday Fashion

by Intern WLU 13 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Choosing what to wear is like having a personal strategy for every woman. Some decide the day before, while others make a choice in just thirty minutes, whether it's for work or a regular day out with friends. But when it's a special occasion or a date, the big question is, "What should I wear?" There's something called "Girl Math," which is basically how a woman thinks and calculate when planning her everyday outfit.

For every Indian woman, there's a process of thinking and planning for the clothes she'll wear throughout the week. Some might not go through this process, and that's okay because it saves the hassle and exhaustion of planning an outfit. But for many women, it's a task because it's not just about the clothes; it's about presenting yourself to your workplace and the people around you.

Here we are sharing some of the rules that almost every Indian woman uses to figure out her everyday fashion:

  1. Never repeat an outfit in the same week or the next 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  2. If today I’m wearing bright colors, tomorrow should be black or cool blues 😉

  3. Today are jeans, tomorrow should be dresses/skirts/ethnic.

  4. Mirror confirmation at least 3 times before going out on a date 💃💃

  5. Ponytail yesterday which means open hair today.

  6. I should look like a fashionista at least once in a week.

  7. Never regret dressing up on a Friday or Saturday

  8. Girl Formula for choosing an outfit 🤗🤗:

    1. I’m in a happy 😁😁 + pretty mood 💁‍♀️= Feminine top or a cute dress

    2. Feeling Pretty💁‍♀️ + Sexy💃 = Cropped top or something bodycon

    3. Lazy😫 + Don’t wanna go to work = Jeans and a t-shirt

    4. Mood swings😌 + Period cramps 😖= Hoodie or a comfy top and pants

    5. Overslept 😴+ Late for work/class = Basic dress or jeans (picking whatever is close to you and easy to throw on)

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