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First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

First Buy Discount Code: WOMANLIKEU05

Fashion Hacks - Knowing Your Body Type

by Pubblisher Media 23 Dec 2019 0 Comments

Like it there? Whoosh! It’s in your wardrobe now.

Half of us buy the lot, just because it looks good on the mannequin, body form, model or maybe because you saw it on someone and hence you have it in your wardrobe now. But how well do you think that suits your body? Rather how many times have you actually preferred to wear it on?

Because even after several trials of outfits if you still resort to wearing the same set of combination or dress again and again, then you are at the right place.

Aren’t we all different from one another? The same dress or colour that fits or glitters on your friend might not look the same on you and if you are still thinking that’s because you lack somewhere? Then you’re certainly wrong! That’s entirely because you are of a completely different body type, which has its separate set of equations we all need to be aware of.
Still caught up? We’ve a complete article to give you a glimpse of how important it is to know and comprehend the shape of our body and ride through different tricks to style in the most interesting way possible.

Pear shape/ triangular shape

  • Waist wider than bust

  • Fuller hips

  • Lower portion bigger in proportion as compared to upper

For all those with pear shaped body, it’s time for you to put a stop to all your worries about your lower portion being heavier and start flaunting your lovely cinched waistline.

Rules for this body type are quite simple, balance the proportion and you ace it on point. Power shoulders, puffed and bell sleeves tops are definitely your go to pieces. You know what the best part about this body type is? It is that you can play with patterns and colours however you want for the upper part and still stand out the best.

Apple Shape/Oval Shape

  • broader shoulder than hips

  • no well-defined waist line

  • heavy upper torso than lower

  • slimmer legs as compared to upper body

Women with apple shaped body, trust me you have one of the finest legs to flatter anyone, anytime. Strapless tops, v- neck tops/dresses and mono chromes suits or dresses are the statement pieces of your wardrobe you would surely want to style on.

The main rule that follows for this body type is to draw your attention from the upper torso to the lower portion and also try and be careful choosing colours and patterns for upper part while darker tones along with vertically streamlines are the best bet.

Hour Glass Shape

  • Well Defined waist

  • Evenly balanced bust and hip

  • Balanced Proportion

With this body type almost anything to everything looks good on you unless you choose to look like an air balloon. Trust us; your curves have the best proportions which truly would not want to be lost inside baggy or super oversized clothing.

Without any rocket science, the prime formula to win the hourglass figure is to look for clothing that skim perfectly over the silhouette of your shape and you’re all set to make those eyes roll.

That one evergreen LBD, your classic high waist jeans/ pants and undoubtedly loads of belts are our must – have style staples you would definitely not want to miss out on.


Rectangular shape/ straight shape

  • Flat Shoulder
  • Measurements of shoulder to hips almost even
  • No well-defined waistline
  • No curves as such
For all the times you’ve cribbed thinking about your straight ‘boxy look’, let’s now turn the tables and know the tricks about your figure you’ve always been oblivious to.
Because of its fairly distributed measurements this body type exhibits the kind of qualities and abilities which we might not be able find it in other body types. The most distinctive of all is its ability to disguise or give an illusion of any figure.
For example, to cut down the monotony of straight figure and add an illusion of cinched waist, separates along with a slim waist belt is enough to do the magic. You can also try wearing ruffled, patterned or heavily embellished tops or bottoms to add volume and make it look more feminine and flip the game your way.


Heart Shape

  • Widest at the shoulders

  • Narrow hips and bottom

  • No defined waistline


Women out there, if you have a heart shaped body type, we know you’ve had the hardest time choosing tops and your all-time favourite struggle with necklines. Putting all your struggle to an end, here’s how you play your style game on point.

One thing that can never go wrong with you are your classic V-neck tops. They give you the required drop from the shoulders and an illusion of narrower upper torso.

Boat neck, ruffles or off shoulder tops and dresses are a big NO to your wardrobe rather opt for something which adds volume to your lower part. If you’re already guessing, then flare dresses, pencil skirts, gathered or pleated bottoms are surely the right ones. These pieces not only help in adding volume to balance your proportions right, but also further help in defining your waistline. What else? Keep your upper torso as minimal as possible and let the rear end rule the details.



At last which ever shape you fall into or even if you don’t, remember it’s never too late to explore yourself and your wardrobe a bit. Try and understand these body type hitherto mix and match to find yours.
For all those still unaware about their body type, it’s time for you to buckle up! If you’re still wondering how? Here we are for you, head over to our homepage where we bring to you a very comprehensive body type calculator. All you have to do is to input your measurements and there it is.
We hope this post helps you to get away with all your doubts regarding your body type and step out in style.
Thank You!
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