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How To Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Bodytype!

by Woman LikeU 14 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Before you hit the beach, there are a variety of things one needs to look at. The question most often asked by beachgoers is what to wear to the beach. If you're still in the pre-beachwear season and have not made your choice of swimwear yet, don't worry! Today we are bringing you a guide on how you should go about picking your bikini. 

When you buy a new swimsuit there are the following things that have to be taken into consideration:








The shapes, cuts, and proportions have to be considered. The basic idea is highlighting the attributes that will flatter the appeal;  by balancing the top and bottom halves of the body to look proportional. However, before we dive deep into this topic, here's a tip: "Wear whatever you want", our guidelines may recommend you to wear a particular style but if you aren't comfortable in it or just don’t want to, then whatever you feel like wearing is right for you! You're the most beautiful when you feel beautiful, that is - when you wear what you like. The choice should be ultimately yours.

To understand the guidelines, it is important to know what your body type is. You will learn what types of clothing look best on your figure, and which cuts or colours to avoid. Ultimately, your silhouette will look more proportional.

Generally, body types are classified into 6 types (the picture below will give you a clear idea about the body types)

Body types
Hourglass body type

An hourglass body type is a body type in which the hips and bust are nearly equal in size, with a well defined waist that is narrower than both.

As an hourglass(considered the most flattering body type, because of the narrow waist), you can wear something that brings attention to the narrowest part of your body, which is the waist.

The silhouette that suits hourglass body type 

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Round /Oval body type

In this body type, the chest and abdomen part is larger and the waist is not well-defined it is probably larger than the hips. 

As a round/oval body type(our objective is to make you look more flattering in your body type), you can wear something that brings attention to the waist and gives an illusion of a narrower waist, and also emphasize the bust part since it looks flattering and it shifts the attention.

The silhouette that suits round/oval body type

Rectangle/Straight body type

This body type has equal bust waist and hip measurements, Hence they are referred to as athletic body type

As a rectangle body type, you can wear something that gives the illusion of an hourglass body.

The silhouette that suits rectangle body type 

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     Triangle/Pear shape body type

This body type has large hips that are broader than the shoulders and bust.
As a pear /triangle body type, you can wear something that deviates the attention from wide hips and creates emphasis either on the waist or bust area whichever part you want to highlight.

The silhouette that suits triangle/pear shape body type

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Inverted triangle/Heart  shape body type

This body type has broader shoulders and narrow hips.

 As an inverted triangle body type, you can wear something that deviates the attention from a wide shoulder and creates emphasis either on the waist or hip area.

The silhouette that suits triangle/pear shape   

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 Every woman is gifted with a wonderful figure, it’s just a matter of knowing what will flatter your shape the most. Ultimately it’s you who is going to wear it, so be comfortable in what you wear and be confident in your own skin.

Remember, “Everybody is a bikini body” and our brand Womanlikeu caters to all shapes,  sizes and  body types. There are many styles and so that you can find the perfect style for yourself.

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