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How to Choose the Best Swimsuit Neckline for Your Face

by Intern WLU 26 Aug 2023 0 Comments

It's normal to want to look stunning, after all, who doesn't? But here's the catch: you can't simply get the formula correct. Don't worry, though; we have something for you. Selecting a swimsuit neckline that flatters your face shape will improve your entire appearance and give you an overall balanced look. Here's a guide to help you choose the best swimsuit neckline for your face shape:

An oval face

Oval faces are regarded as being the most harmonious and adaptable. You can experiment with different neckline designs, such as halter necks, scoop necks, and sweetheart necklines. These styles might draw attention to your features and complement your natural symmetry.

Round Face Shape

Choose plunging V-necklines or scoop necklines to lengthen and add definition to a round face. These necklines produce vertical lines that give the appearance of a face that is longer and slimmer.

Square Face Shape

Necklines with gentle curves flatter square faces. Look for scoop necks, off-the-shoulder designs, and sweetheart necklines. These necklines can provide a touch of tenderness and soften the angles of your face.

Heart Face Shape

Faces with a heart shape often have a wider forehead and chin. Halter necklines, which focus on the center of your face, help to balance your features. Deep V-necklines can also lengthen your neckline and give you a more attractive appearance.

Long Face Shape

Try to give the appearance of width if you have a long face. Select bikinis with embellishments close to the neckline, bandeau shapes, or scoop necklines. These components can balance your face and visually shorten it.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond faces have larger cheekbones, narrower chins, and wider foreheads. Choose scoop necks or boat necklines that attract attention to your face's center and highlight your cheekbones to flatter your facial shape.

Remember that these recommendations are merely suggestions and that when selecting a swimsuit neckline, your own preferences and comfort should always come first. Your decision-making process should also take into account elements like body proportions, body confidence, and the overall design of the swimsuit. It's crucial to experiment with several looks to determine which ones make you feel the most confident and at ease while spending time by the pool or beach.

If you're looking for more customized style advice, get in touch with our styling team for free. We can put together a curated selection of swimsuit options created specifically for your body type.


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