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Flaunt Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Swimsuits for Small Bust Women

by Intern WLU 21 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Feeling like your body doesn’t fit the norm is something most people feel. But hey, we’re all different. That’s what makes us special.

If you have a petite bust, you wish it was bigger. But on the other hand, if you had a big bust, you’d wish it was smaller. We need to accept what we were given and learn to love our bodies no matter what.

You can choose to either celebrate the aesthetic of a petite bust or choose to add volume. Whichever you pick, we’ve got some great suggestions to help you.

Add volume to your bust!

A banded bottom or extra fabric along the under bust adds volume and visual interest creating the appearance of a fuller bust. An added benefit is that it can minimize the look of a long torso.

Lilac bikini set - WomanLikeU

Lilac Bikini by WomanLikeU

Try a push-up look

Padded or push up styles simulate a good push up bra and many come with removable pads if you prefer a less pushed up look occasionally.

White 3 piece swimwear set - WomanLikeU

White 3-Piece Swimwear set by WomanLikeU

Opt for structured designs

Structure such as underwire and moulded cups work to give the chest shape and provide some lift and volume for a small chest.

Light Orange Padded Monokini by WomanLikeU

Play with illusion

Ruffles or additional fabric around the chest like a fringe increase the volume to create the illusion of a bigger bust.

Waves by Shrijal- Bagels & Tequila - WomanLikeU

Waves by Shrijal: Bagels & Tequila

Diversion with Patterns

Patterned fabric and details such as beadwork, lace or other embellishments along the bust can also help to make the chest appear more voluminous.

Black Top With Slip On Monokini- 2 Piece Set

Use the right neck-lines for your swimsuit

A swimsuit with a high neck can also be used to disguise the look of a small chest.

High Neck Bikini set by WomanLikeU

Follow these style tips to get the most out of a swimsuit for a small chest. Above all else, choose a style that you'll feel confident and beautiful in.


If you're looking for more customized style advice, get in touch with our styling team for free. We can put together a curated selection of swimsuit options created specifically for your body type.


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